8 December 2012


I'm trying to stay away from you. But, all I got were hurt and pain. Yes, I'm also trying to be positive and not to cry, because I don't want to look like a fool and weak in front of you. I became mute and don't know what to say and do when you were linger around me. After all what you did to me, why I still can't accept the fact that you were not meant to me. And I still don't realize it, I'm a fool exactly. Still hoping for you. Even when your attitude just make me more tired, I still don't give up. Even if you hate me, I still love you. Even when you have somebody that you love, I still hope that you will be mine. And when I woke up from all the beautiful dreams, I know, I never get you. 
And after everything that I did, just make you more hate towards me, I get bored of myself. So, I decided better that I stay away from you, from now on. It is not that I don't love you anymore. It's just, I want to let you go. Maybe, you're not the one for me. It is my fault who is so easily fall in love towards somebody who can't be mine. Full stop.

//Kita mungkin tersuka pada orang yang salah. Tapi, itu yang mengajar kita supaya menjadi tabah untuk mencari yang mana benar benar tercipta untuk kita.