16 October 2014

Here with me - Susie Suh

"Caught in the riptide
I was searching for the truth
There was a reason
I collided into you

Calling your name in the midnight hour
Reaching for you from the endless dream
So many miles between us now
But you are always here with me

Nobody knows why
Nobody knows how and
This feeling begins just like a spark
Tossing and turning inside of your heart
Exploding in the dark"

Two words, In your hands ,In your hearts
It's whole universe
You are always here with me

13 October 2014

Kebudak budakan

hi again. ni lah masalahnya kalau dah update dengan satu post, mulalah nak post lagi banyak banyak.

aku mungkin rindu nanti kawan kawan aku kat sini.

 yang suka jadikan aku doktor cinta tak pasal pasal
 yang suka kacau aku ingat aku budak kecik ke haha (khas untuk cikma)

macam macam perangai aku jumpa, yang aku tak berkenan tapi aku masih kawan pun ada. sebab aku ni tak boleh nak ubah orang. so bila jumpa orang yang tak kena dengan kita, kita mesti buat kita ni kena dengan dia. tapi apa ada hal lah nak deal, nanti kat luar lagi banyak gila nak mampus orang yang tak sesuai dengan kita

 yang rasa kita ni kolot
 yang menyampah tengok kita
 yang ingat kita ni saingan dia (padahal takde pun)
 yang rasa kita poyo
 yang rasa kita ni bajet je macam nak kena lempang laju laju

jumpa macam macam orang ni bagi aku satu challenge

walaupun aku tahu, orang lain yang sebenarnya rasa tercabar jumpa orang macam aku ni. sabar je la.



Its been a long time I didn't spend time with this blog. And hi, aaa I just to share here, this semester will be my last semester. I just cant believe how times can move this fast. Im hoping for this final what I mean the real final FINAL is going to be okay. Tbh, I didnt expect much such as getting 3.0 above or what bcs the subjects are really killing me. There's one subject I don't want to mention it, is very pretty hard. There's only probability of 0.2 (maybe less than that) I understand in the class what is actually I'm learning.

Actually what the heck that Im doing during this semester? Maybe banyak main, idk. Mungkin lambat pick up kot. Haha, whatever it is, hopefully this semester will be going well. Tomorrow will be the day for my second last paper. So jealous of my friend that already flying back to Kedah yesterday. Tak tahulah bila boleh jumpa lagi. But after all, thanks sebab selalu lend me your bike so that I can buy satar and keropok lekor kat luar tu. Haha, bye Eiyra. Will be missing you :D

Well, even tho, there's so much things happened during the past two years and half back then, surely the pretty adorable sweet memories will never die, memories don't change, even the people surround us will be differ, time by time. Because this is life, people come and people go, memory still will be created kan? 

There's countless of people I know here