12 December 2012

Don't Wanna Run Away

Assalamualaikum, olls. Today, sad entry. HAHA :D

There's no point if I keep hiding my feeling. There's no such a happy ending if I keep run away and believe that I could forget him just like that. Yaa, that's that. And, that that that that. Stop that. Yaa, that thing. Yes, I admit that I still have that 'perasaan'. But, I know that I can't put any hope. It is not enough just to say his name in my heart to get rid of my miss towards him. It is not enough just to stare the moon and stars to heal my pain.  Just yaa, when I count the stars, I remembered 'Little thing called love' story line. When we love someone, and we want get that one, we must write the one's name on the stars. But still for me, It's sounds like khurafat and syirik. So, I pray to Allah that someday, I will forget him completely. But no matter what I do, to erase him from my life, I can't. I just can't. Maybe I don't try hard enough. Or because something always bring me back to him. And at last, I let this just stay in my heart. Just let it be. Because I don't care anymore how much hurt that he gave to me before this. And I know that he will hurt me more and more after this. I know that he does not realize it. I don't blame him. It is just I'm weak. I don't know before this when I say that I'm strong, actually I'm not. And when I'm hurt and don't know what to do. I just act cool and smile at everything. Just to heal my heart.

//I don't wanna run away. I'm ready. Let's settle this.