31 December 2012

Deactive For A While

I'm just now deactive my facebook's account. Well, friends. It's just for temporarily. Soon,
 I don't know when the time comes, I will activate it again. Just, I have my own reason
 why I did that. Umm. So, now. I only have a twitter account. So, I don't know much what 
to say. Just to inform my friends who read my blog, " Hey, what's the use of your credit,
 calling calling if there's something up" :)

Sorry Syada, my sister. Akak dah takleh chat lagi dengan kau. Takpe ehh, Twitter ada.
 Haha, kat situ boleh mencarut lebih. Takpun, telefon rumah kan ada. Why don't you just
 calling me? It's not you who pay the bills right ? Haha. Takpe takpe. What I feel after 
doing that? Umm, I feel nothing. Just a little awkward after this, because the first thing I
 did after connected the Internet is log in my facebook. Sokey, I will practice to open my
 blog first after this. Oh. I'm so in love with my blog.

Waiting for the beauty of happiness :')
InsyaAllah, this is the best way.

muka bangga

//It's enough. My last status. He likes that status. And now, my mission to forget him yawwww :D Pray to Allah that it will complete 100%.