28 March 2015

Move on

Kau ingat senang nak move on?

Semua benda kat dunia ambik masa,
Beza dia lambat dan sekejap je
Tak jumpa kau hari hari selama berbulan bulan dalam masa setahun
pun belum tentu jaminkan aku boleh lupa

27 March 2015


For the past few years, I can conclude my life was mostly horrible especially when it is related to feelings.
Until at one point, I am tired to try and too sick of my own creation of drama.

Can I just sit back and relax and just wait?


You know how long I take times to forget about what happened? It isn't easy
Please act like nothing happened because if you keep on remembering me about the past, you're just making me sick of you.

I just want everything back to normal,
where the feelings are totally natural.