29 January 2013

Crush On Someone?

Assalamualaikum? ;)

Yup. Letting go is the best way now. I don't need to feel this way now. And I will never 
fall in love with you. I'm scared to cry again. Enough of what I've been through before. I 
know, this time will be exactly same as the past. So, I don't need to crush on you. All I
 want is you can just be my ordinary friend. Actually, I'm regret that I playing with love.
 Saying that I like you while the truth is I don't have any feelings. And because of that, my
 ordinary feel turn out to be an extraordinary feeling. I just. I just saw you on my way to
 kolej since my Gamelan was cancelled due to something I don't know. I saw you walking
 oppositely from me. And I know you're on your way to curriculum. Guess what, my heart 
was started to beating faster than the wings of a hummingbird . I never felt this way
 before. Maybe, I started to like you? Oh, no. I shouldn't have this kinda feeling. It's so 
weird. Me hoping for you ? Like I dream I can touch the stars? Never gonna happen. Never. 
What I should do now, is killing the feel, throw it away. Throw that stupid feeling into sea 
in front of my campus. Get lost. I'm so stupid. I don't wanna crush on someone from now
 on. I'm enough of being hurt. Because I'm tired, I don't wanna try. No more. I know,
 already know, that it will never work. Me and you never gonna happen. Never. Please 
heart. This time you have to let go before its late. I don't want you fell the pain again. 
Enough. Thank you, Allah. I already forgot about someone that I had loved before. But,
 please ya Allah. I'm not ready to love someone else now. I just wanna be friend with all
people. I just wanna focus on my study. I just wanna have You, family and friend in my 
heart's space. And one more thing, I know that he also have crush on someone. But, I don't 
know who. Well, good luck, friend. You're so handsome, cool, kind, intelligent and so 
perfect. Who doesn't want you? Haha. That girl being such 'mengadaaa'. Haaha. I hope you 
will get that girl. Chase that girl. You can do it ;)