4 February 2013


Rasa ini sudah menjadi dendam,
Biarkan dendam subur dalam diri ini.

I hate all those propaganda,
Don't be so happy, man.
Someday, you'll know the 'real' meaning of pain.
Yup. The exactly real one.
Or maybe someday there's someone,
who can ruin your life;
who can make your life worst than the hell.

You know what ?

I never wanna win.
But, I wanna see you lose.
I might have split-personality.
Bad and Kind.

And when I become the bad person,
I can be so cruel than you could ever imagine.
the thought of seeing you suffering,
is lingering nastily in my head.

Because you and your propaganda,
were the reasons why I became like this.


May I kill you, man?
And you can see, watch and learn the side of evil in myself.
I will kill you in silence,
And nobody will know you've disappeared,
and no longer live in this beautiful world.

It sounds impossible.
But believe me,
My words really no joke.
I will make it true someday,
And it's not propaganda.

//Thanks a lot to everybody who make my life 'happier' than before. I never wanna be like this. But this too hard. I'm not that strong. Please, never appear in my sight. Never talk to me. Never come to me. Because, that's the only way I can be okay like before. I pretend that I'm okay whenever I'm not. But now, I already give up dear. Please consider that you never know me. You never be a part of me starting now. It's not that I'm not sincere by accepting the facts. Just, stop talking about sincerity. Only Allah knows what I'm feeling, about my sincerity and all those stuff. I can't say anything. Thanks for everything. Please stop feeling guilty. You never did anything wrong. It's only me who still dreaming though I already awake. Just thank you. At least, I know. I never can touch the sky. And I never can catch my dreams. Thanks.