26 September 2011


What time is it? It's 2PM. Awww
Today, I was not going to school today because I have no papers. I was feeling quite tired due to the examination, which took almost a month. But, this week was the last week, and the final paper is subject of physics which is really a killer subject after add math. Tiada banyak cerita yang nak dikongsi. Jemputan open house pun semakin berkurang sebab bulan syawal pun sudah nak menutup tirainya. And now, it's time to give my full attention towards my coming soon SPM. JYEAH! You know what? In my class, there are only five people who passed the add math trial paper. Aku mengaku yang aku takdelah study hard for this subject walaupun it's quite hard. Tapi, trial paper ni memang susah nak mampus! Memang agak gila segilanya. Aku tahu masih ada chance lagi untuk terus try lagi sampai lulus kann? Target 'c' untuk add math. C pun jadilahh. Kira bangga jugaklah kalau dapat C. HAHAHA :D

*the real pain is when to get results. not when taking the examinations.