23 March 2011

already done

Fuhh! Finally. I never expected about this second blog. I hope this blog was better than my old blog. Pada suatu pagi, when I'm not going to school. I got one idea for making this stupid blog. Well, i wanna share my little story here. In my fikiran now is, how to delete the old blog? I've no idea. Haha, I thought it's hard to use blogger layout but it's wrong. Truly, I said it was so easy even my blog is not gorgeous as you all. Welcome to new blog ! Finally. Finally. Finally.
Alyssa barnel. A young hottest girl who have big talent. Her song cali, cali, cali was very acoustic for me. She's got a very big talent. I hope she'll get to write a lyrics with Taylor Swift. Haha, that's what she want too.
Why korean is so best? Neither drama, movie or song. I very love K-drama and K-pop.
I my me mine- 4minute now.