22 December 2011

Not kiddo anymore

since next year 2012, I'm not a student for SMK lagi. aku mesti berazam untuk jadi lebih matang. i think that i'm not matured enough. aku tak bertindak matang dalam banyak hal. aku selalu merengek to my parents if i don't get what i want. i cannot stop membebel until i got what i want. i know my attitude make my parent tired of me. but they be patience of me. i always argue with my sisters. it is enough.

aku tak tahu diri aku bila aku pretend menjadi orang lain. i must be myself. sangat unik bila menjadi diri sendiri. aku mengaku keadaan persekitaran like fren, age make me can't be myself like before. hmphh, aku telah hilang. jam sekarang 2305. i think i can be what i want if i don't act stupidly like before this and think before do something. i will never do something just for own benefit again. i will do it with sincerity, it is for people that i love especially my parent. i need to study hardddly. for getting good job, 

even, there so much Pain inside my heart yang dah jadi scars punn. i can't be selfish. is not i'm the only one that born to be like this. there's somebody that must be feel the way i do, even more pain they had through. if they were strong, so i must be strong 1000 tmes more than them. no need to cry again. because this is life. it is complicated. so tomorrow, i will say hi like before this to you. i gonna make you was better than this day.

need to sleepp.

*esok saya ada belajar memandu. kena tidurr awall. BYEE :)