17 December 2011

Buat apa nak banyakbanyak drama?

so sick when we talk about this topic. okay. since both have the same feeling, why not just go on together like before this. no one would hate it. i'm so sure that people would like it. okay. why we must torture our heart that make so many scars? what u gonna do is follow what ur heart says. it can be better. if you really didn't have the feel like before this. speak truthly. ' I don't like her or him'. full stop. no need to remind the old memories. but, if you still have the pieces of love inside ur heart. chase for that love. like the lyrics of one song, jangan tunggu lama lama, nanti lama lama dia diambil orang. kn dah melepas?? nanti frust menonggeng sendiri kan? haha. okeng. this talk is not for me. ini untuk orang lain. orangorang yang sedang menghadapi situasi macam tu. okeng. i'm so bored. but i'm happyyy :) hahahahahah.sekarang aku suka warna-warna yang vintage pulak.  biruu, merahh, hitam. pinkk (maybee). apa kejadahnyee tulis fav color pulak?

*since form two I loiike him until now, even he's not here anymore. dah merempat kemana.