2 July 2016

An appreciation post

So, finally I've got a chance to write this appreciation post for someone.

I haven't told you, you captured my eyes since the first time we met.
When I told you, I like you; that was truthfully sincerely from the bottom from my heart. I hate cheezy words. But for you, I would like to experience how it feels to be in cheezy mood.

You are so beautiful, in every edges and terms of a person wants to be.Your passion in everything that you do, your hardworking, your jokes. You are so strong, you are kind, you are brave, you are quick-witted, you are bright and cheerful, you are lovable. Every hardships that you have went through that even if you sad, you did not show it to the world and your surrounding. You are kind, you will help people who are in need. You are brave to face this world, even if this world may full of hatred, full of hypocrisy and full of anxiety. You are clever, you can do it! I wish you to be successful in everything that you do. You are bright, as sun. You could live up the environment with your jokes and your talks. You are lovable that a person like me could fall for you.

And everything above that I have said, it's all for you. Thank you for every single seconds that we've spent together. I love you.