13 September 2013

The progress

I've changed my blog's URL. Just, I don't some of people to read it. People that doesn't related to me at all. Other than that, I think my blog has become a little private than before. A-ha. I do open my facebook and twitter account. But, seriously. I didn't update anything. Just retweet some of friend's tweets. And check if there's news on both accounts. And, stalk some.


Final exam will come soon. And, I don't prepare anything. That's a big congratulation for me. Yah. I do want to talk a lot. There's so much things happened recently. Busy with study, club and performance for gamelan. Alhamdulillah, the gamelan running smoothly. Hehe. One task already completed. Now, two more to go. Handling as treasurer for upcoming camp under my club, and lastly Final EXAM. Just waiting for this camp will end successfully and I can give my hundred percent toward the Exam. Actually not just that, next week must be really a tiresome week. All the assignments, mini project and final project must be submitted within upcoming week. With all of that, how can I spend my time for this? Okay, got to go. InsyaAllah, continue with the works.