30 September 2013

I don't think I can

When I'm up, I wanna go back down.
I think that's the best place I stand.

Where I don't mess myself with problems.
Where I only think about fun.
Where joy really means everything.

Where I don't have to let everybody knows me.
Where I have a low-profile life.
Where I only socialize with my gang.

Where I spend my time after class with korean movie or sleep or eat.
Where I don't get stress with the important task given. 
Where my day, 70% only at the hostel.

I just love myself not being known by many people.
I just love myself don't have to do that.

But now, I have to.
Faking myself just to let everybody knows me.
Behave myself just to let everybody trust me.
Control myself just to let everybody likes me.
Because now, I'm no longer at the ground.

No matter how much I hate it actually,
I can't go back down anymore.
I must continue with these all lies.
And nobody knows, how sad my life now.

Regret? I can't.
I choose this way from start.
And let's end it with a beautiful ending.