3 April 2013

Worse Than Withered


I don't want to cry. I don't want to foolish myself again. I don't want to liking someone 
more than it should be. I just want to stay like this. I want to keep my love for someone 
who deserves to. I want to love Allah more than anything. I want to forget you. I already 
like you exceptionally. But, I don't want to fall again. It's too hurt. I just love myself and I 
didn't want her to live in pain. After so many things, she had been through. Please, feel.
Leave her alone.

I don't know why I'm getting in this mood recently. Maybe, it's true I already liking
 someone again. For serious. No kidding. I'm sure you know the level of this pain. After so
 many times I already feel it, I just don't wanna involve for this thing again right now. 
Because it's just too hurt even if it's so beauty. Before it get spread out into my whole 
heart, can I just kill this and thrown it away. Nevertheless the other side of my heart, I 
want this feel to stay. Please just stay and don't go away. But, I can't cry anymore for 
something that is so stupid. For just another stupid reason, I will not fooling myself. I know 
now what is right and not. I know you're so good and so perfect that you can find another 
perfect company. I know. I don't blame anything. Over looking up reality, it's normal for 
one for looking the perfectionism. After all this long time I've been so stupid for hoping
 something that will never come true, better I'm move on and leave the low love. I 
already give up and don't want to interfere with that thing. Now, I just wanna be an 
independent girl with a big dream to success in life. Cewahh. Hehe, it's just so true that 
my love is so expensive. That only certain people can get it. And for the most important 
thing, this love is just for up there. Allah.

//Please make this thing turn out to be so easy.