13 November 2011

SPM and 2PM

When talk about SPM, I rmmbred about 2PM bcause the splling is almost same. HAHA. So, tomorrowday was a vry big day for me. I wish that I can do the best for this BIGGEST EXAM! My ibu said that I seems relax je. But, actually, I couldn't feel the pressure of gttng exam. Bcse of I'm too sure that I could do but when I thnk about the many chapters that I don't read yet, I feel like don't want to take the exam. Or maybe we could delay the exam or sumethg. Oh, I wish I could do that. The reason why I write in English because want to prctce for BI paper. HAHA. Actually, I'm not so good in BI, grammar. And for high English, very low. Okayy. Need to go. Need to readd. Need to give full attention for tomorrow. love all the things.

JUNHO! Why are you so CUTEEEEEE! <3 lebiu!

*wish that I could go for 2PM concert, even just in dream. :'(